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Pancake's Story

In honor of National Pit Bull Awareness Month, I want to share a story about Pancake, a pittie that is very special to me and my family.


A Rough Start

Pancake or “Cakey” was a rescue puppy born with “swimmers syndrome,” a rare condition in very young puppies that makes it difficult for them to use their legs to stand. Puppies with this condition lay flat on their bellies and paddle their legs, resembling a swimmer paddling in water. Without proper and intensive care, puppies with this condition would not be able to survive. Thankfully for Pancake, Don’t Bully Us Rescue saw his potential and stepped in to rescue him.

"Without proper and intensive care,

puppies with this condition would not be able to survive”

Hard Work

Don’t Bully Us Rescue went above and beyond to give this special little boy a chance. At just a few weeks old, Pancake had to have special bands to help stabilize his legs. Unable to stand, he had to wear a harness that kept him suspended. For weeks he underwent extensive physical therapy to help him work on his mobility. With a lot of effort and hard work by Cakey and his care providers, he gradually was able to start using his legs.

Pet Xray Pet Insurance

A New Beginning As the weeks went on, he continued to practice using his legs and gradually got stronger and gained even more mobility and was ready for his forever home. My family and I were thrilled to be chosen to adopt this sweet boy. Pancake just celebrated his first birthday, and we couldn’t imagine our family without him. Those unfamiliar with his story would have no idea that he faced so many challenges in his early days. As the unofficial mascot of Main Street Vet, Pancake is a constant reminder to us that every pet is important and deserves a chance.

“Pancake is a constant reminder to us

that every pet is important and deserves a chance”

Beyond the Stereotype

Pit bulls are often thought of as aggressive fighting dogs. Sadly, some dogs are unfortunate enough to live in very rough situations. These dogs are forced to adapt to their environment which often leads to poor behavior. As a breed, however, they are extremely loving, strong, and playful. Goofy and with entertaining personalities, they are usually just as up for an energetic game of fetch as they are for a nap. When given the chance, they can make excellent pets. Pancake is one of those. It is my hope that Pancake’s story can help shed light on the wonderful potential pit bulls have as family pets. For us, he also serves as a daily reminder that through hard work, determination, and a team of people believing in you, even an “underdog” can become something great. Pancake was just another pit bull puppy who was born physically handicapped. But my family is forever grateful that the wonderful people at Don’t Bully Us chose to fight for him and his future.

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